If you have a Budgie or if you're thinking about getting one, then this may be the most important letter you've ever read...

Budgie Secrets

"I Guarantee That You Can Have
The Happiest, Healthiest and
Most Well Behaved
Budgie You've Ever Seen!"

Austin, TX

Dear Friend,

Finally there's a breakthrough book written especially for Budgies and their owners. It’s called Budgie Secrets and it covers everything you need to know about Budgies.

I grew up with Budgies and I've always loved them, but it was always hard to find quality information about them. I finally got tired of looking.... so I decided to write the definitive book about Budgies myself.

Budgie Secrets: The Easy Way to Have a Happy,
Healthy and Well Behaved Budgie

budgie secrets

Find out what you'll learn in Budgie Secrets.

Here's a little preview of some of the information you'll find in Budgie Secrets...

A foolproof 9 point checklist for choosing a healthy Budgie. (page 21)
Want your bird to talk? This is absolutely the most important thing
to look for. (page 19)
The single most important thing to ask for when you buy a Budgie. (page 16)

Discover the hidden benefits of "used birds" - it can add up to
hundreds of dollars! (page 13)

13 point checklist for checking out a breeder or pet store. (page 15)
7 very important documents you should get when you
purchase your Budgie. (page 23)
6 items that must be on your bill of sale when you
purchase a Budgie. (page 23)

Don't even thing about getting a Budgie until you ask yourself these
7 questions. (page 8)

If a pet store employee says this to you - leave immediately! (page 12)
Easy ways to take the stress out of your Budgie's first
few days at home. (page 26)
Avoid trouble! The safe way to introduce your Budgie
to your other pets. (page 28)
Quick and easy ways to come up with the perfect name. (page 25)
Danger! Never, ever place your bird's cage here! It could kill him. (page 30)
Find out the single biggest misconception about feeding your Budgie. (page 41)
11 snacks that your Budgie will absolutely love. (page 42)
11 snacks that you can eat, but your Budgie can't! (page 42)
Did you know this kind of seed can make your bird fat? They're probably in
his dish right now. (page 41)
The 1-2-3 method to make the switch from seeds to pellets. (page 43)
24 common household items that could kill or seriously injure
your Budgie. (page 32)
Never place your Budgie's food here! (page 31)
129 plants that can make your Budgie very, very sick. (page 35)
The sneaky way to trim your Budgie's nails -
he might not even notice! (page 46)
The one grooming task never to do yourself. (page 48)
The simple way to find a good avian veterinarian. (page 17)
6 tips for finding out if you're using the right avian vet. (page 54)
What to do if your bird escapes and how to prevent
it from happening. (page 49)
Help! My Budgies are pulling each other's tail feathers out. (page 21)
Is it a boy or a girl? Learn to tell the difference. (page 20)
Tired of cleaning up bird poop? Did you know you can
house train your Budgie? (page 57)
The truth about children and Budgies. (page 60)
Does your bird have dandruff? (page 48)
The simple way to bathe your Budgie - he'll love you for it! (page 48)
The easy way to teach your bird to sit happily on your finger. (page 56)
Don't even think about free flight until you've done this. (page 47)
To cover or not to cover? What should you do at night? (page 31)

11 different ways your Budgie is trying to tell you something -
and what exactly is he saying? (page 50)

The correct way to trim your Budgie's wings. (page 47)
13 warning signs that may save your bird's life. (page 52)
Ouch! The right way to stop the biting. (page 58)
The truth about traveling with your Budgie. (page 61)
No more eggs! What to do about incessant egg laying. (page 65)
What you absolutely must know about breeding Budgies. (page 62)
...and much, much more!

You can get Budgie Secrets right now and be reading it in minutes for only $19.97. Budgies live an average age of 8-10 years, so the cost of this book is only 3.8¢ a week spread over the life of your Budgie.

You'll be reading the Budgie Secrets ebook in less than 2 minutes. If you don't want to read Budgie Secrets on your computer, you can print the whole book or just the pages you want!

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I'll Back Up Budgie Secrets With a 3 Month Free Trial
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I'll give you a 3 MONTH FREE PEEK. Get Budgie Secrets and examine it, try it, use it for a full 3 Months without risk or obligation. If you decide within those 3 months that you're not satisfied, you'll receive a FULL, no questions asked refund. You even get to keep the bonus book.

So Budgie Secrets comes to you with ZERO risk. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Order right now, and you'll receive a copy of
Budgie First Aid for Free!

budgie first aid

No Budgie owner should be without this book! Do you know what to do if your Budgie is bleeding? What if he eats something poisonous?

Budgies are experts at hiding illness and injury. Do you really know how to tell if your bird is sick? If you're not sure, don't you think you should find out?

The time to find the answers to these questions is now, if you wait until your bird has been hurt, it may be too late.

And yes, Budgie Secrets is Mac friendly.

It doesn't matter if it's 2 AM in the morning, you'll be downloading and reading Budgie Secrets within just a few minutes - plus you'll be reading the printed books within a few days. There's absolutely no risk to you - so what are you waiting for?

Take care,


Simon Blake